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Partitioned (Separated) Cremation

Description: Partitioned (Separated) Cremation is done when the pet parent wants only the cremains of his or her own pet returned.  The pet’s remains are kept separate from those of other pets in the cremation chamber. The process is usually completed in one to two hours and the cremains are returned to the owner in a temporary or pre-purchased container or urn. Urns are available here, or in our cremation center, in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and materials.

  •  Rush: Next business day return (Monday-Thursday, holidays excluded)
  • Same Day: Same-day return of your pet’s cremains (if time permits)
  • Private (Witness): Be present while your pet is the only pet being placed in the crematory and cremated (from the comfort of our viewing room with flat screen monitor)


Group (Communal) Cremation

Description: Group (Communal) Cremation is a good option, as long as you are comfortable with your pet being cremated with other pets and you do not wish to have your pet’s cremains returned to you.


  • Pet Removal, Transportation, and Return
  • Emergency After-Hours Service
  • Horse (Separate/Individual) Cremation: PALS offers a complete service including removal/transportation and cremation
  • Armed Forces, Police, or Fireman: Special discount given with proper identification.
  • Ship Cremains

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