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Is Ice Water Bad For Dogs?

Recently we have been seeing an article making its rounds throughout social media. The article has the headline “PLEASE READ ASAP”. The article describes a scene where a pet parent fills her dog’s water bowl with ice water. Some time later her dog starts to choke, is bloating and shows signs of distress. After rushing him to the veterinarian she is told that ice water is very bad and caused violent muscle spasms in the stomach, which caused the bloating. Sounds scary right!

In Arizona we do all we can to keep our fur babies cool on hot days, which often includes giving them ice or ice water. After reading this article PALS decided to do a little research. This story is a myth or urban legend. Web sites like are good at getting to the bottom of articles that just don’t seem right. Always do your research before assuming.

Dr. Striyle at 43rd Animal Hospital shared this information. “There is no danger in giving dogs ice or ice water. A lot of dogs love to play with ice cubes either by themselves or in water. Ice in water keeps it cooler, which is helpful on warmer days, especially for dogs that stay outside.” Please make sure to always check with your veterinarian for advice regarding pets and their wellbeing. Just because you read it online doesn’t always mean its true.