Horse Cremation and Memorialization - PALS

Horse Cremation and Memorialization

Horse CremationSince 1987, family owned and operated, PALS has offered 24/7 large animal transportation and cremation services valley wide.

PALS offers individual cremation with return of cremated remains for our large equine animals.  Attractive Equine urn options in both full or partial sizes are available. Scattering at a local pet cemetery and communal cremation is also an option if return of cremated remains is not wanted.

For burial options, PALS abides by all local and state regulations for large animal burial. We utilize the legally approved certified facilities which include but is not limited to Waste Management and City of Phoenix managed sites.

For additional service and information, please call:
602-455-6677  (M-F 8-5; Sa 8-4)
602-503-6827 All Other Times