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Our Story


PALS is a family-owned business that has been operating in the Valley since 1987. We are well known for our outstanding care and concern for others at their time of loss, as well as for the honesty and integrity with which we treat your beloved pet. At PALS, we understand that your pet is a member of the family, so whether you are currently facing the death of your companion or whether you are preparing for what lies ahead, an experienced member of staff is always available to answer your questions or concerns.

Why choose PALS?

Because we care about you and your deceased loved one.The loss of a beloved pet is not only tragic but disconcerting and overwhelming. It’s important to know and understand your options so that you can give your beloved pet a dignified and fitting farewell. Since there are multiple options available to you, please click here for complete information on each of these options.


Staff Bios

Please take a moment to get acquainted with our staff.

Katherine Heuerman


Katherine founded PALS (Pet & Animal Lovers Service) in April 1987, after the loss of the family dog, Duffy.  At that time, no cremation service in the valley would publish their address, tell people where there were located or allow a pet parent see their facility.  When Katherine finally was able to track down the business that did her cremation, she was so mortified and upset by what she saw that she started working with rescues and the public to push for assistance with pet grief support and greater transparency in the pet cremation field. This inspired her to launch PALS in 1987 out of her home, with the focus of supporting pet parents and compassionately memorializing their companion animals in an ethical, dignified and respectful way. Today PALS works with over 100 Veterinarians, countless pet rescue groups and the public.  PALS prides itself on being the ONLY pet cremation service that operates a totally transparent operation where anyone can show up unannounced or unscheduled during all operational hours and have a tour of the office and see how we document and track pets.  When a veterinarian, pet rescue or a member of the public uses PALS, we want them to have comfort and confidence that the cremated remains they receive are of their pet and their pet only. It is the basis of who and what we are.

Today, PALS offers dignified and respectful pet and equine cremation services throughout Arizona, with memorial products available nationwide. PALS is an open facility, offering privacy rooms, witness cremation services, tours showing how we document and track pets for businesses and the general public alike.

Katherine was with the inception of the Pet Grief Support Service founded by the Companion Animal Association of Arizona (CAAA) in 1987. She has worked as a facilitator, coordinator and volunteer on the service’s hotline. Katherine is  also a member of several associations, including the International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAOPC); she regularly conducts free seminars on grief support to organizations and the industry and is co-author of a book on pet loss.

Daniel Heuerman


Daniel has served on the Board of a number of non-profit organizations and is actively involved in supporting the local pet rescue community.  He is also the current Board Chairperson for the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (AZVMA) Allied Members group. He also serves on the Board of Foothills Animal Rescue, a local no-kill adoption center with the mission of saving lives through rescue, care and adoption of homeless cats and dogs. They have been serving the Valley since 1995 and most recently opened the new Brynne Smith Memorial Campus in Scottsdale. To learn more about the Foothills story, please visit them at http://www.foothillsanimal.org/our-mission-at-foothills-animal-rescue

Daniel‘s past experience has been with such notable companies as Grand Canyon University, ST JOHN, and Carolina Herrera. His past experience in management, retail operations, marketing and fundraising is a great compliment to the PALS Team. Not to mention, he is an animal lover and proud pet parent to his Italian Greyhounds.

Daniel has an MBA from Grand Canyon University and holds Pet Bereavement Specialist Level 2, Pet Funeral Director and Crematory Operators certifications from the PLPA and IAOPCC.

Daniel Khan

Office Manager

Daniel is an essential component of PALS. He comes to PALS with a wealth of Business Management and customer service skills. He has one dog and one cat: Harley Quinn is a mixed breed weimaraner/boxer and Urchin is a domestic long hair. Daniel enjoys going camping, fishing and anything outdoors.